Sharing Inspiring Stories from Brazil – by Danaë Tellers

After finishing my masters in Training & Development, I asked myself what I wanted to become. I wanted to broaden my views and take a look around. I went to meet with HR-professionals in São Paulo.

I am walking on Avenida Paulista, one of the most important business centres of the city. It is lunchtime and the streets and restaurants are filled with lots of people. In the Brazilian business culture business partners usually get to know each other over lunch.

We talk about the Brazilian business culture and after lunch they show me around in their companies. It is really inspiring to hear their excitement about their job. They love to do what they do.

Danae Tellers – Inspiring Stories from Brazil

Danae Tellers – Inspiring Stories from Brazil

On November 1st my friends who own a barbershop announced that they were official partners for Movember. The purpose of Movember is to raise money for cancer research and generate awareness for a healthier lifestyle.

That’s when I realized you spend most of your time at your job or thinking about your job. So I thought you better have a job that blends well into your life. A more positive lifestyle often means a healthier lifestyle.

Listening to these enthusiastic stories really inspired me. I figured those stories could inspire other people too. I will find and share these stories for Movember, that’s what I thought. This way I can give people the little push they need to change their life and choose a job they love. Immediately I shared my thoughts with Dorus H. de Vries and we started our project WorksGood.

WorksGood Movember Project Danae Tellers

Danae Tellers – WorksGood Movember Project

WorksGood Movember Project Danae Tellers

Danae Tellers – WorksGood Movember Project

In the end the most positive reactions came from the people we interviewed. They got responses from clients on their stories and some told us it helped them be more aware of their strengths and weaknesses. Marcelo Nobrega, the VP of Human Resources for TAM Airlines said to me: “Normally I am the one asking the questions”.

The goal of sharing one story every day gave me a push to meet and connect with people I otherwise never would have known. The energy of these ambitious people, ranging from vice presidents of big companies to starting entrepreneurs, really is contagious.

I believe people should use self-reflection more often to be aware of their own strengths, skills and personality. Putting your message in a story stimulates this self-awareness and offers the possibility to transmit your message through word of mouth.

WorksGood Danae Tellers and Dorus de Vries

Danae Tellers and Dorus de Vries – WorksGood Founders

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