Personal Development Through Storytelling – by Danaë Tellers

In my first week living in São Paulo I was invited to go to an exclusive event organized by the Luxury Marketing Council Brasil. A presentation about Storytelling for Brands was given by Maarten Schäfer and Anouk Pappers.

I heard about them many times before, but this was the first time I saw them in person. Anouk was dressed in fiery red and Maarten in bright blue, their statement colours. I could not have missed them.

Danaë Tellers – Meeting Maarten Schäfer and Anouk Pappers

Danaë Tellers – Meeting Maarten Schäfer and Anouk Pappers

The presentation was mostly about the knowledge they gained through their ten years of experience traveling around the world collecting stories. They shared a lot of their exciting adventures. In the middle of the presentation I noticed I was knodding my head the entire time. I knew I would never forget these stories.

And then it hit me: People should use stories as a tool for self-reflection. Putting strengths, values and goals in a story could stimulate personal development. In writing you have a clear view of what you have achieved and what you still want to achieve.

Stories also help you transmit your message to others more easily. It is ready for word-of-mouth. You will be more consistent in your communications and this avoids miscommunications.

However, putting your own message in a story is easier said than done. People often know too much about themselves. They can’t see what is important to others and what makes them stand out.

We believe that as a third party we can write your story better. Together with CoolBrands I am helping people putting their message in a story, with a stickiness and a wow-factor.

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