Workshop Trust Behaviours – by Danaë Tellers

We are on our way to Mind Work Productions, a coaching and training company. Together with Nina van Kersbergen, I created a workshop about trust called ‘Treasure Hunters & Saboteurs’ and we are about to give it to a team of trainers.

The workshop starts with a game in which the group needs to collect information from each other to make an inform decision on which treasure box to open. There are four boxes on the table, but only one of them contains the treasure. The group is divided into honest hunters and saboteurs. Together they will only have one chance to open a box. Of course the big question is: ‘Who’s information will be trusted?’

Danaë Tellers – Workshop Trust Behaviours

Danaë Tellers – Workshop Trust Behaviours

This workshop provides insight about the participants’ behaviours and needs of trust. It can unveil trust issues in teams.

Trust is something you daily need. It stimulates team cohesion and job performance. But trust is something you don’t daily think about. Often you trust or mistrust someone, but you don’t really know where this feeling comes from. And also without knowing, others can trust or mistrust you. Therefore it is something we should get more conscious about.

The challenge in creating this workshop was to actively involve people so they can learn about their own behaviour. From an observing point of view it gave me a lot of new insights in internal communication: teams often don’t communicate issues, but rather avoid confrontation.

We managed to let groups speak out trust issues and confront each other with constructive feedback that reflects on their real life behaviour. The result: a stronger team.

Danae Tellers Workshop Trust Flyer

Danae Tellers – Workshop Trust

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