Workshop E-Reputation – by Danaë Tellers

Nowadays, we live in a reputation economy. People are judged based on their online visible choices, behaviours, accomplishments and mistakes. Every comment you leave, person you connect to, photo you upload, or review you get, contributes to the permanent record of your online reputation.

Together with Porter Novelli, a PR-agency
with expertise in the field of reputation management, CoolBrands NWS will give a workshop tonight in Amsterdam about “Personal Branding Through Storytelling”.

Danae Tellers Workshop Online Reputation Management – by CBNWS

Workshop E-Reputation

Instead of having an introduction round we Google-searched on each of our participants. Then we ask the group: “Who is this person, according to what you see?”. Most participants don’t get a clear image of whom they are. They don’t get a good first impression.

Positive online reputations matter. We use the online world to seek, find and connect. Did you know that 60% of people Google on you before they meet you?

What people say about you, the online presence you create, determines your success or failure in this economy. A good reputation builds trust and creates opportunities. A bad reputation builds distrust and diminishes opportunities

“When you Google yourself….do you like what you see? Does it say who you are? Is your online reputation congruent to your real world reputation?” Maarten continues. “This is your public image, your online reputation.”

The participants tell us that they know their online presence is important, but they find it hard to write their own stories. “I even find it hard to choose a profile picture!” one participant says. “Let me take your picture right away.” Maarten replies.

“Do you know why putting your own message in a story is so difficult for you?” Maarten asks. “You simply know too much about yourself. But we, who are not experts in your profession, can easily tell you what is interesting about you and what makes you stand out.”

Google is the new background check. Make sure your online reputation reflects your real world reputation.

Danaë Tellers - Workshop Online Reputation Management – by CBNWS

Workshop E-Reputation


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